Friday, August 26, 2011

Quickie - Hair loss, etc.

Quick update:

-Today, I took a Japanese couple's order completely in Japanese. And I got it right. And they left a hefty tip. Aw yeah.

-I have discovered the secret to hair loss! If you are considering have your hair thinned out, do just this: buy a brand new home in Hawaii. With brand new, extremely expensive carpets. To expedite the hair loss or add some greying to the fun, get dogs...dogs who love dirt and poop are ideal for grey hair and receding hair lines.

On that note, if anyone can recommend the most amazing carpet shampooer on planet Earth, I am all ears. Mahalo!

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Helen said...

Matt and I just got a Hoover SteamVac (with Spin & Scrub). It's great. I can only assume, based on my limited experience with it, that it's the most amazing carpet shampooer on planet Earth.