Friday, March 9, 2012

Not in Kona anymore...

We made it to Utah. After a whirlwind move and a month of living in the northwest while I awaited the arrival of my car, we are finally here.

It's cold. And dry.

But also remarkably sunny (and snowy at the SAME TIME!).

The Salt Lake area is surrounded by 360 degrees of awe inspiring snow topped mountains. I really love mountains.

We haven't had a second to stop and relax. Isaac went back to the office right away and I have been doing my best to settle the homefront in our temporary situation. We start home hunting right away and are quite excited about that.

I was so worried about the dogs but they love it here. They think snow is the best thing ever invented, and I am pleased with how quickly it tires them out.

I hope that this weekend we get an opportunity to relax. I think both our bodies could use the rest so we can recharge for Monday. Hope to see more of our friends now that we are back on the mainland!

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