Saturday, February 5, 2011

2010 in review and update for 2011

How is it that a former blogaholic hasn't updated her blog in ages?! I meant to do a 2010 in review around the new year and have not had a smidgen of time to really do it. So, here are a few high lights from 2010:

January: We were living in Maui. Isaac taught me how to surf. We learned the joys of such tropical fruits as cherimoya, rambutan and Kapalua pineapple. Our nephews turned one year old!

February: My sister in law, Alicia had the two most beautiful little girls we've ever laid eyes on! [With the 3 cutest little boys and 2 most beautiful little girls in our family gene pool, we hope there's enough cute leftover for our future munchkins!].

Also in February we experienced our first Hawaiian Tsunami. It was an exciting day, filled with me hearing civil defense and thinking the thing was coming THAT MINUTE and trying to organize a mass exodus from my neighborhood by honking my car horn. Nevermind that the sun hadn't risen at that point and the siren was a heads up that the tsunami would hit 5 hours from then. The darling husband who is famous for keeping me calm and level-headed was in Kauai that day. Go figure.

March: I may be wrong, but I believe this was the month that my husband was publicly announced as chief pilot of his company. His company was subsequently voted the best fixed wing program of 2010. I'm a proud woman. :-)

April: We learned the throes of inter-island shipping when we moved from Maui to the Big Island. I was quickly hired at a car rental agency. We also made an offer on a short-sale and went into Escrow. [We still haven't gotten remotely close to a closing date. There isn't a darn thing short about a short sale].

May: I began to learn Japanese. And to love Japanese!

June: I discovered that I LOVE coconut milk, water, and coconut-based foods. Yum.

July: We got hitched and I transformed from a Giguere to a Schaefer. The wedding was about one of the most wonderful days for us ever.

August: We began going to yoga and got hooked. Our now-friends Jen and Natasha helped us find a love for yoga, and we are forever grateful.

September: We became a family of 3 when we adopted Honey. A sheperd/heeler mix with a heart of syrupy sweet goodness.

October: I dressed as a jazzercizer for Halloween at work, forgetting that I was one of the older employees working there that day. A couple of teenagers who work outside had no idea what leggings and leg warmers were a reference to. *Checks face for signs of aging*

November: Thanksgiving gave us an opportunity to test our hospitality and enjoy the company of friends who feel so wonderfully kindred in spirit to us. It was lovely.

December: We celebrated Christmas with some of our lovely lady yoga buds, eating peppercorn steaks and sweet potatoes. I also almost got a snuggie as a white elephant gift at Isaac's base Christmas party. Sadly, I lost the snuggie to a fierce competitor. I got hired with an amazing helicopter company doing so many different things there, and never getting bored. I have gotten to go on one flight already, and I spend half my time in the sunshine. My husband also gave me the gift of ever-lovin' brain stimulation by giving me a Kindle. I've already plowed through so many books with it, I am running out of things to read. [By the way, anyone have suggestions for a good read?]

This year: We are still patiently waiting to become homeowners. I still love my job, and my husband still does amazing things at his. We got to visit family at the beginning of this year and I already miss all the family and especially those fun little nieces and nephews!