Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Age

I've got a new age. And I don't mean religion. Another year of life has come and gone. Since last year was a bit lonesome for me (Isaac was flying. At least I got to be on vacation in Kaua'i, though), Isaac really went out of his way to make it special.

He tried his darndest to let me sleep in. But come 9am [I usually am up by 3 or 4 am for work, so 9am was a very nice treat], he couldn't wait any longer. He took me by the hand---bed head and all---to the breakfast table where a homemade feast of banana pancakes, crispy bacon and cinnammon rolls waited amongst a pile of nicely wrapped gifts.

Rather than go out to eat this year, which is usually mildly disappointing in Hawaii because restaurants simply aren't what they are on the mainland, we cooked a recipe together from Bon a Petit. Very yummy!

27 is off to a good start. I'm getting to the age where I'm starting to appreciate the fact that people think I'm only about 17.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Acro Yoga

I went to my first Acro Yoga workshop today. Holy cow, you do some cool stuff. I had a hard time lasting for the full 3 hours. Considering I was holding up people much heavier than myself with my legs, having them balance me on the tops of their feet while I bent into poses like Bow Pose and an inverted Butterfly.


Seriously awesome stuff. They said it was developed by a yogi who used to be a circus acrobat! Go figure! [And hence the name "acro yoga"].

Looking forward to building more stamina and muscle strength so that I can do more. After doing several poses, I found it difficult to continue to hold my body rigid long enough to do many of those things without potentially hurting someone else (or myself).

Maybe next month I'll be able to have someone take a few pics and post photos of the kinds of poses we worked on today.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a helicopter!

Ok, so this is news I was waiting to share until I had left my other job and started my new job.

I have officially quit my other job at the rental car company. Turns out, when I tell people where I used to work, they feel really bad for me. Huh. Things I wish I had known...

Anyway. Whilst plans to become a certified yoga-licious instructor are still in the works, I am a brand spankin' new employee of a rather fancy helicopter company* here in Hawaii! Today was my third day. I can finally approach the helicopters without pure terror. They are intimidating!

After a few days "on the flight line" I feel like I can keep up and keep my wits about me without looking like as much of a dork as I looked like on day one. [Which may or may not be saying much].

But, this company has the best safety record of all the helicopter companies in Hawaii, and is also the most prestigious. There are certainly strict standards to hold oneself to as an employee, but that obviously results in an excellent safety rating and a sparkling reputation for the company.

I also have to say, that after working in customer service for different industries, the guests [passengers] of this company are wonderful. They are like... the mecca promised land community of customers. They are happy, friendly, and generally pleasant people. Score.

I am being trained to do everything. Which felt a little daunting at first, but I feel like I am getting into a good rhythm.

I'm really excited to get to wear so many hats. Reservations, check-in, taking clients to the aircraft and back out, sometimes when the rotor is running, sometimes not. It's good to stay busy and to do something that just feels so gosh-darned special.

Ok, and I won't lie: I am also rather excited for my turn to go on a two-hour full-island tour so that I can discuss it with visitors who want to make reservations!

Alooohhhaa! Until next time!

*Since I don't know what this company may and may not want to be tied to in, say, an internet search, I won't be using the name of the company at any time in this blog.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


You know that time [last month] I said I was going to do a POD post to give thanks for things I loved in Hawaii? That was a sweet idea, wasn't it? I definitely thought about the pictures I wanted to take and post every day, but I didn't spend much time on the computer in November. And most of the pictures I took were of my dog [sleeping in what only I think are adorable positions].

However! I did get some pictures, which I will post towards the end of this post...with thanks. That way, I can come full circle! So stay tuned for the pictures! And bear with me for the next several paragraphs, as I have some news I am very excited to share.

November has been a busy month. Even though I was supposed to be working part-time at my frustrating little job, I have been getting called in for early shifts, extra shifts, and staying late every night. So, I'm practically working full-time, but without benefits.

I'm not being lazy about my frustrations though, like I often am. I'm being proactive. I have been searching the interwebs for other means of employment and putting my resume in where I can. Which isn't many places, actually. There's not a lot out there. So...I'm sticking it out.

In the meantime, I have been getting more and more drawn into my yoga practice, as has Isaac. My body is going further and further into challenges it was 100% incapable of just a few months ago. My study is mostly with two yoga instructors (well, one is more like a full fledged yogi, but I don't think she'd really mind me calling her an instructor). One of them has developed a new version of yoga, and I have gotten addicted to it. She's been a yoga instructor (yogi?) for 15 years and has woven all of these different practices into her class along with some powerful modern elements that really resonate with younger generations.

Anyway, I don't want to say too much about this class because she's still in the process of patents and copyrights, however, she and I have been socializing and talking and...she is going to train and certify me teach this particular melting pot of yogas! After I am trained for this specific class, I'll spend the next year or so studying with her and becoming a bona fide yoga instructor for all schools of yoga. I'll be learning Sanskrit, chants, the whole shabang.

I start if off with a weekend seminar which will entail doing hours and hours of yoga on end. I hope I pass!

Anyway, I am extremely excited to have this opportunity. I hope to learn a lot from her, and to continue learning through teaching. That thing they say? Do what you love and money will follow? Well, I'm not asking for a lot of money, but to do something I have really grown to love as my employment? What a blessing.

And for that, I am thankful. Kona has started opening up some really magnificent doors for me and Isaac, and right now, a future in Kona feels bright and shiny.

Without further ado, other things I am thankful for in Hawaii, off my camera phone, in the order that they uploaded:

I am thankful for clear, vogless days in Kona. They are truly beautiful and sunny.

I am thankful for tide pools, filled with plants, turtles and other sea animals. I have a feeling my future children will learn much about sea life from tide pools.

Lava rock beaches. Because once you get past the rockiness, you get some truly wonderful, isolated beaches away from the crowds.

Fruit. Especially fruit that grows in our back yard and is so succulent and juicy, you don't need a juicer to get your OJ in the morning. Just cut in half and squeeze. Amazing.

All of the colors in Hawaii. I couldn't capture them all (or was too lazy to try), but this flower in our yard is a good example.

Kona sunsets. Any girls out there remember Lisa Frank? [I loved Lisa Frank in grade school]. I sometimes wonder if she got her color inspirations from Kona sunsets.

Evenings at the beach with my husband and my dog-ter (dog + daughter = dog-ter) playing fetch in the small waves, and burying our feet in the sand.

This particular beach, which has this almost completely still water, because all the waves are blocked by an ancient stone wall. Filled with turtles and sand and turquoise water. I love coming here before work and after a hard yoga session.

Another shot of the same serene, uncrowded beach. But this picture is made better cause my husband's sexy legs are in it. I'm thankful for those too. ;-)